Actresses are so spoilt - we have someone who does our hair for us on set, so we don’t know how to do it ourselves in real life. I know how to wash my hair and brush my teeth, but that’s about it!

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my body is ready (gents) —> john gallagher, jr.

"I don’t have a pet, but I dream of someday getting a pug dog whom I will name Croque Monsieur so that I may alternate between calling him Croque, Monsieur or his full name: Croque Monsieur. I’ll more than likely only use his first and last name most often when he’s been bad."

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You know what reaaaaaaly grinds my gears, is when people (who don't need or aren't prescribed) Vyvanse or Adderall or any other prescriptions for ADD and ADHD - and they a use it or use it to get high or to cram for tests. To me they are making fun of something that people actually need to survive a day. It really pisses me off...

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